Why Choose a Certified Arborist?

Why is it important to ensure you’re working with a tree care expert?

Why choose a certified arborist? We think every homeowner should choose a tree company that has demonstrated care for their work through the rigorous process of certification with the ISA. This ensures your trees will be well taken care of, whatever is needed.

This is a specialist in tree and woody plant care. A certified arborist will have expertise in:

• Tree identification
• Tree surgery
• The diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of tree disease
• The controlling of pests.

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In addition to this expertise, ISA requires continuing education units and those with ISA certification have a code of ethics we are required to follow. That means you can trust in our expertise.

ISA Certified Arborists

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Arborists are highly specialized in tree care needs. Our arborists are experts in tree care and maintenance, and we bring our passion and commitment to our customers.

ISA Certified Arborists

A certified arborist has not only studied tree care but also passed a comprehensive exam. To receive certification from ISA, individuals must pass a comprehensive exam, which covers:

• Tree biology
• Tree identification
• Soil science
• Water management
• Proper nutrition and fertilization of trees
• Tree selection
• Installation and establishment
• Pruning
• Tree worker safety

• Climbing and working in
• Trees and construction
• Urban forestry
• Tree support and lightning
• Diagnosis of plant disorders
• Plant health care
• Tree assessment and risk
• Structural pruning

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