Hurricane Prep and Cleanup

Hurricanes and Trees

There are several benefits that come with living in Florida.  Sunshine, fresh air, beautiful beaches, an assortment of theme parks,  a wide selection of outdoor activities, and warm weather nearly all year-round to name a few. However, for about six months out of the year, residents of the Sunshine State must be vigilant about Tropical Storms and Hurricanes.

These powerful forces of nature bring with them pouring rain and roaring winds that carry enough strength to cause severe property damage. As a Florida resident, it is wise to make a point to prepare for hurricane season long before it is upon you, especially when it comes to the trees on your property.  If not maintained properly, your trees might quickly turn from ornate yard decorations to deadly projectiles.  

Hurricane Preparation

Routine tree maintenance is essential in ensuring that the trees on your property are capable of withstanding the gale-force strength of these storms.  Tree Pruning is one of the best preparation methods that you as the property owner can take.  Pruning trees allow them to grow properly so that they are sturdy enough to endure hurricane season.  Additionally, by thinning out the canopy, the tree will be less likely to catch wind and be knocked over.

A certified arborist will be able to help you identify which trees pose the biggest risks and will then work with you to mitigate them.  They will also make sure that debris from the cleanup is removed from your yard so that the broken limbs won’t come flying through your window.

Hurricane Cleanup

Unfortunately, despite the best-laid plans hurricanes do still cause damage.  Every year countless people are directly impacted by the damage done by trees during hurricanes.  Whether a limb has gone through a roof, powerlines are tangled in the crown of a tree, or roadways are blocked by fallen trees, it’s important to have someone experienced and capable of working in these hazardous conditions. 

katrina and charlie damage

At Tree Care by Robert Miller, our veteran crews have worked hurricane cleanups in New Orleans in the aftermath of Katrina to cleanups in our own backyard after Irma tore through Florida.  No matter where we go in response to these storms, our diligent team will work round the clock to ensure that your property is taken care of quickly and efficiently.

“Jose’s crew was very professional and efficient.  Our three palm trees were trimmed in record time exactly to our specifications.  They cleaned up all debris, leaving the property as they found it.  The crew was extremely friendly and easy to communicate with.  This is our second experience with Tree Care by Robert Miller and they have exceeded our expectations both times.”

Jerald F.

“We hired Robert Miller Tree Service for some cleanup & trimming of 5 large trees, shrubs, and a few palms. They were punctual, professional, and very thorough. We were very happy with their work and were surprised at the length they went to clean up the fallen debris.

They honored their estimate and even did a little more. We would certainly hire them again.”

A. Whitacre

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