Firewood, Topsoil & Mulch


Looking for a cozy way to enjoy the cold weather? Then you need our firewood! We have cured and split, seasoned oak (speciality wood on request only) firewood available in a variety of cord sizes and bundles, so you can take advantage of your fireplace or outdoor fire pit.

Whether you’re curling up with a good book or gathering around the campfire with friends, make plans to take advantage of the fleeting cold Florida weather. Don’t wait – order your firewood today!

Our Firewood & Delivery Pricing Below

1 Cord$292.88
1/2 Cord$159.75
1/4 Cord$74.55
1/8 Cord$42.60
Face Cord $106.50
1/2 Face Cord$53.25
5-7 Piece Bundle$6.50
Hickory Bundle$10.00
Delivery DistancePricing
0-5 Miles$55.00
5.1 – 9 Miles$80.00
9.1 – 15 Miles$105.00
15.1+ MilesCall For Pricing

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Looking to spruce up your yard or garden with some fresh organic mulch and topsoil? Come check us out!

We have two types of topsoil available – Grade A and Grade B.

Our Grade A topsoil has been tested by USF and has a neutral pH level of 7. This soil has been double-screened and is a much finer material. It’s full of macronutrients and nitrates, making it ideal for planting a healthy new garden or grassy areas.

Our Grade B topsoil can be used to mix with grade A for aeration of the soil. The difference with Grade B is that it has only been screened one time and contains small pieces of wood chips in it. in a larger volume for erosion control and also in deeper planting beds.

Our Topsoil Pricing Below:

Grade A Topsoil$34/yd. + Tax
Grade B Topsoil$27/yd. + Tax

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Organic Mulch

Our organic mulch is recycled from our job sites and is a mixture of all the tree jobs we do throughout the week. It’s untreated, uncolored, and cheap to pick up at our office! Pricing is just $7 per yard. If you need delivery, we charge $10 per yard plus delivery fees.

Our Mulch Pricing Below:

Pine Mulch$10/yd. + Tax
Regular Mulch$7/yd. + Tax

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