Tree Removal

What is Tree Removal?

There are many benefits that come with having trees on your property.  They can help you save energy with the shade they provide.  They act as a natural buffer for heavy winds.  They provide privacy.  They help to cut down on noise.  They attract wildlife.  They are aesthetically pleasing.

Unfortunately, in some instances, their presence poses a danger to the property owner.  This often occurs when a tree is growing or dying in a place that is hazardous to property owners themselves, structures, or power lines.  When this happens, it is necessary for the tree to be removed by a professional.

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Why is a Tree Removal Professional Important?

Removing trees can be a difficult, dangerous, endeavor.  If done incorrectly, it could result in significant property damage or, worse, loss of life.  That’s why we recommend that you choose an ISA Certified Arborist for your tree removal.  ISA Certified Arborists abide by ANSI (American National Standards Institute) and they use the latest information and technology to make educated decisions regarding tree removal. 

They are knowledgeable in Tree Identification, Tree Assessment & Risk, Tree Biology, Tree Surgery, Tree Work Safety, and Tree Disease Diagnosis, Treatment, and Prevention.

This knowledge allows them to properly identify if a tree truly even needs to be removed.  In many cases, proper pruning can mitigate risks to the homeowner without the need for an expensive removal.  However, if it is determined that a tree does indeed need to be removed they are able to determine the best plan of action based on the type of tree it is.

Foreman, Jeff Trent, in bucket above palm trees for emergency tree removal

The Tree Removal Process

Step 1 – Get a Consultation:

When you contact someone for your tree removal needs, you should expect someone to get in touch with you to set up a consultation.  This person should act as your personal guide to all of the tree services offered by the company.  Their goal is to help you accomplish your wants and needs while also doing what is best for the trees.  During this consultation, they should perform a walkthrough of your property to assess the trees that need to be removed and get an idea of the scope of the job.  This is how they will provide you with an estimate. 

Be sure to take advantage of this time to ask questions about the process.

Will large equipment be needed?

Does your company have a license and insurance?

Are there any hidden costs?

Do I need a permit to remove trees?

What will happen to the debris?

At Tree Care by Robert Miller, we want to make sure that, no matter who you choose to do the job, you know the questions to ask so that you can move forward with confidence.

Step 2 – Tree Removal Permits:

Not every tree removal requires a permit, but some locations do require one to move forward with the job.  Every municipality is different.  If a tree is removed without a permit in an area where permitting is required, it could result in hefty fines for the homeowner.  When researching tree service companies, it is important to find out if the company you’re looking into will take care of that process for you.  In some special cases, a certified arborist can even bypass a tree removal permit with a letter.  This is typically exercised when a tree poses a danger to people or property.  Good local companies will be familiar with what is required for permitting in the cities that they operate in, and can even save you money on the permits.

Step 3 – The Job:

All tree removals will require a combination of groundsmen, climbers, and more to get the job done properly.  A specialist will be able to assess the tree(s) and provide a detailed plan of action so that you are confident with how the removal will be carried out before the team even arrives.  Experienced teams will go to great lengths to ensure the safety of their workers and your property throughout the entire process.

Step 4 – Cleanup:

Tree removal generates a lot of debris.  The last thing you want is to be stuck with the job of disposing of it yourself.  A good tree service will take care of this for you so that you will not have to worry about it and to ensure none of it goes to waste.  For example, Tree Care by Robert Miller will haul all excess plant matter to a 10-acre facility where it is then converted to topsoil, mulch, firewood, and biofuel.  

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“They are wonderful. I had them take down 4 pine trees at my home in Southern Hills. They are very efficient and professional. They know what they are doing! My yard was hardly affected by their presence since they took great care to minimize yard damage. They even cleaned the road after they were done. HIRE THEM YOU WILL NOT BE SORRY. “

Joe Weston

“Tree Care [by Robert Miller] had trimmed up trees as well as taken down sixteen trees. It was a big job that took all day and they worked continuously to get it all done. They went above and beyond what was expected. Professional, respectful and would recommend them to anyone that wants quality work. Extremely satisfied with the end results. Thank you!”

Luann U Peritzian