Tree Pruning

What is Tree Pruning?

There are many benefits that come with having trees on your property.  They can help you save energy with the shade they provide.  They act as a natural buffer for heavy winds.  They provide privacy.  They help to cut down on noise.  They The presence of trees on a homeowner’s property is important for a wide range of reasons.  Trees generate oxygen, they act as natural barriers for noise and wind, they provide privacy, they provide shade, they act as natural air filters, and they can even increase the value of your home. 

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However,  if not cared for properly, these same trees can grow erratically,  stretch into hazardous locations, or die which can become costly.  The removal of weak, sick, or dead limbs through a process called tree pruning can be performed as preventative maintenance in order to mitigate the risks.

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Why Choose a Professional vs Pruning Yourself?

Pruning trees is one of the most common forms of tree maintenance, however, it is imperative that the person carrying out your pruning work has expert knowledge of tree biology.  If a tree is pruned incorrectly, it could end up permanently damaged or dead.  That’s why we recommend that you go with an ISA Certified Arborist for your tree pruning needs.  ISA Certified Arborists abide by ANSI (American National Standards Institute) and they use the latest information and technology in their practices of tree pruning. 

Their knowledge of Tree Biology, Tree Surgery, Tree Identification, and Tree Disease: Diagnosis, Treatment, & Prevention allows them to make sound, educated decisions when it comes to tree pruning and maintenance.  At Tree Care by Robert Miller, our ISA Certified arborists would be happy to assist you with your tree pruning needs.

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Tree Pruning Techniques

Tree pruning can be done for a variety of reasons.  Trees are pruned for safety, pruned to ensure that they grow to be healthy, strong, and free of disease, and they are pruned in order to maintain an aesthetically pleasing appearance for the property owner.  Different circumstances require different pruning techniques.

Density Reduction:

When you contact someone for your tree removal This is the process of reducing the thickness of branches around the crown of the tree.  This allows wind and light to reach the interior foliage which promotes healthy growth. 

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Skirt Raising:

This is the process of trimming the lower branches of the tree in order to create clearance between the tree and the ground.  This allows people, objects, and structures to exist or pass under the tree without resistance.

Crown Cleaning:

This is the process of removing branches that have died or are suffering from health issues.  

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Crown Reduction:

This is the process of trimming the lower branches of The process of crown reduction is an intense process that is meant to reduce a tree’s overall height or spread without compromising the tree’s structural integrity or form.  This is done by cutting branch leaders and terminals back to large secondary branches.  These large secondary branches then take over the terminal role.

When to Prune?

The pruning process should take place during the winter months before the spring growth starts.  There are several contributing factors that make this the best time for tree pruning to take place.

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Reduced Insect Activity

Insects have the potential to carry diseases that can harm trees.  If a tree is cut during the warm season, insects carrying diseases might be attracted to the fresh wound which would, in turn, leave the tree open to infection.

Promotes Healing

During this time trees are dormant which makes them more capable of handling the stresses put on them during the pruning process.  Pruning a tree during this time of rest gives them an opportunity to recover and leaves them poised for new growth as spring time comes around.

Reduced Foliage Density

Structural pruning involves regular cuts that help a tree grow properly. This is a type of tree trimming that should be undertaken carefully and only with the help of a Certified Arborist.

At Tree Care by Robert Miller, we have a team of ISA certified arborists that are fully equipped to handle any of your tree pruning needs.  Check out what people are saying about our services.

Fast and responsive. Cleaned up all areas of the yard to remove any possible debris. Love working with this organization. Their continued follow-up for satisfaction is also top-notch.

Ashley L.

They arrived as scheduled and started working finishing up later in the afternoon. It was a big job removing the trees and trimming the others. Cleaned and raked up leaving no mess from cutting the trees. The yard looks much nicer after the trees and palms were trimmed. Everyone was very polite and professional and I would have them back again without giving it a thought. They did a super job and we are happy

– Richard B.

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