Raising Tree Skirts

What does it mean to Raise Tree Skirts?

Trees are beautiful and ornate, and they help to elevate the curb appeal of a property. However, as trees grow, their lower branches start to droop and sag which ruins the visual appeal and could pose hazards to property owners. These lower branches are referred to as the tree’s skirt. If they’ve reached the point where they are unable to support themselves, it’s important to call in a tree professional to remove these lower branches through a process called uplifting, otherwise known as Raising a Tree’s Skirt.

Why Raising Tree Skirts is Beneficial

Raising the Skirt of a tree is beneficial for a variety of reasons:

First and foremost, it eliminates the current visual obstructions that could pose hazards to vehicular or foot traffic in urban areas. This is an immediate benefit, especially if you deal with lower branches obstructing your driveway or sidewalk.

Hazardous Tree Removal - Tree Care by Robert Miller

Second, trimming these branches can help slow future growth and allow the property owner to have a clean, manicured look for a longer period of time. By routinely pruning these low-hanging branches, tree care professionals are able to train them as they grow or even stunt growth in order to avoid future visual impairments.

Third, it acts as a preventative measure for hurricane season. The pressure put on these droopy branches from their weight and gravity causes them to be structurally weaker than the rest of the tree.  If hurricane-force winds blow through, these branches are more likely to snap under the added pressure.  Uplifting the tree also allows winds to flow under the tree more freely giving less resistance for failure. Removing them eliminates this risk to your property. 

At Tree Care by Robert Miller we have a team of knowledgeable “Arborist” and tree care professionals who can assist you with raising the skirts of the trees on your property. Our team will ensure that your uplifting project is handled with care so that your trees stay healthy and your yard stays beautiful.

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“They are wonderful. I had them take down 4 pine trees at my home in Southern Hills. They are very efficient and professional. They know what they are doing! My yard was hardly affected by their presence since they took great care to minimize yard damage. They even cleaned the road after they were done. HIRE THEM YOU WILL NOT BE SORRY. “

Joe Weston

“Tree Care [by Robert Miller] had trimmed up trees as well as taken down sixteen trees. It was a big job that took all day and they worked continuously to get it all done. They went above and beyond what was expected. Professional, respectful and would recommend them to anyone that wants quality work. Extremely satisfied with the end results. Thank you!”

Luann U Peritzian