Moss Removal


If you live on the Nature Coast, having moss covering your trees is fairly common. In fact, many people love the visual aesthetic of it dangling from the magnificent oak trees that grow here. However, just because something looks good doesn’t mean you should leave it in place. Moss is not parasitic in nature, but its presence can still cause alarm to people. Even though moss does little damage to your trees it indicates that something else is very wrong with your tree. This growth control is done through a process called moss removal or de-mossing.

Out of the 70+ different species of moss in the Central Florida region, Spanish Moss and Ball Moss are the most common types found growing in trees. These mosses, like succulents, get their nutrients from the sun and water rather than leaching from the trees they cling to. However, as moss absorbs water, it becomes heavier which puts more stress on the branches it hangs from. If too much moss accumulates, the branches could snap which could lead to a mess in your yard, or worse…injury and death. By periodically removing moss from your trees, you could improve their lifespan and wind resistance.

Should You De-moss?

If you have moss growing from the trees on your property but are unsure if de-mossing is right for you, the best thing you can do is reach out to a certified arborist.

After performing an inspection, they can share their risk assessment with you so that you will be able to make an educated decision. Should you elect to de-moss your trees, it’s good to call in a team of professionals to perform this periodic maintenance so that your trees continue to thrive. Tree Care by Robert Miller is happy to perform this service since we have years of experience with demossing trees. Feel free to contact us for more information.

“Jose’s crew was very professional and efficient.  Our three palm trees were trimmed in record time exactly to our specifications.  They cleaned up all debris, leaving the property as they found it.  The crew was extremely friendly and easy to communicate with.  This is our second experience with Tree Care by Robert Miller and they have exceeded our expectations both times.”

Jerald F.

“We hired Robert Miller Tree Service for some cleanup & trimming of 5 large trees, shrubs, and a few palms. They were punctual, professional, and very thorough. We were very happy with their work and were surprised at the length they went to clean up the fallen debris.

They honored their estimate and even did a little more. We would certainly hire them again.”

A. Whitacre

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