Stump Removal

What is Stump Removal?

When you are a property owner, the presence of trees comes with a lot of added benefits.  They provide shade, they add beauty, and they act as a natural barrier for noise and wind.  However, not all trees stand the test of time. Severe weather, rot, pests, or even a DIY tree removal could reduce these beautifully ornate structures to mere stumps. Some are happy to live with these tree remnants on their property, while others would prefer if they were removed.

Stump removal is an involved process that sees the entirety of the tree remnants, roots included, removed from a property. There are three common ways stump removal can be accomplished as explained below. At Tree Care by Robert Miller, we perform the stump grinding method the vast majority of the time as the other methods can be very costly for homeowners and leave large holes in the ground.

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How is Stump Removal Done?

People might choose to remove stumps from their property to increase visual appeal, to stop the regrowth of a tree, eliminate safety hazards, and to make mowing the lawn easier.  Whatever your reason for removing the stumps off of your property, it’s important to find someone with the equipment and knowledge to carry out the job.

Tree care professionals are supplied with the equipment necessary to remove stumps via the stump grinding process. The size of the stump dictates the removal process. There are three distinct methods for removal: Grinding (or Backhoe), Burning/chemicals, or Hand Removal.

Grinding: This process requires special machinery that will grind the trunk down bit by bit while the stump grinder sweeps across the stump until it is ground to about 6 inches below the surface. This leaves a pile of shavings that is mound up where the stump once was. Over time this will decompose and the area will be flat allowing grass to grow right over the top. If this pile of shavings from the stump removal is taken away before decomposition, a hole will be left.

Burning/Chemical Removal: This method takes longer than the grinding.  To effectively carry out a removal via burning chemicals, a homeowner or tree care professional will typically drill holes in the stump and saturate it with a fire starter chemical and some hot water.  This is then left to soak into the stump for a couple of days before being set ablaze by the professional.  Once the stump is sufficiently burned, it becomes easier to remove.  This method also does not eliminate all of the roots and has varied results. Another method is typically used to complete the job.

Hand Removal: This method is labor-intensive but works well with smaller stumps. It is also the only sure way to remove all of the root ball remnants from the stump even if the grinding or burning methods are employed. Using this method in conjunction with one of the others will ensure that the stump and its roots are completely eradicated.

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If you have tree stumps on your property that you need removed, consider calling in a professional to help you get the job done right the first time. They can help ensure that the stump is removed along with the roots without damaging any underground power or septic systems in the process.

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