Spring Hill Tree Service

Spring Hill Tree Service

November 2014 087Spring Hill Florida used to be nothing but orange groves and pine trees once upon a time… Over the years it has developed into  sprawling community full of a diversity.  One thing is in common, The sandy soil. The sandy dry soil is a favorable landscape for sand pines. Scientific name-Pinus clausa.  It is largely confined to very infertile, excessively well-drained, sandy habitats where competition from larger-growing species is minimized by the harsh growing conditions, as in the Florida Scrub. These trees are shallow rooted and have a tendency to lean or up root in heavy rain.

Tree Care by Robert Miller’s first office was in Spring Hill. He started with a few ideals; always deliver what you promise, provide service in abundance, and keep your ethics in on all levels!

Spring hill is home to Florida nature coast with a wide variety of plant and tree spices. Many tropical species but some are invasive and a professional needs to remove them. Such as the brazilin pepper tree. Tree Care by Robert Miller Spring Hill tree service is the best quality service you can get for your trees.

We are a leading tree service in Spring Hill, FL.  We have been servicing Spring Hill, FL since 1990.  We currently have 3990 satisfied customers in Spring Hill.  We specialize in removing dangerous trees along with structural pruning

Spring Hill tree removal and Spring Hill tree trimming often require a permit for Hernando County.  We have it all under control with contracts and escrow accounts all set up to pull permits with little time and ease.

Jovan Miller-Zeller the president and owner of Tree Care by Robert Miller is a Spring Hill certified Arborist.  The only woman Arborist in the county!  She is not the only Arborist with the company her husband – the crew and foreman is also ISA Certified Arborist







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