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Why choose a certified arborist?

Why choose a certified arborist? We can help!

Why an arborist? This is a specialist in tree and woody plant care. A certified arborist will have expertise in:

  • Tree identification
  • Tree surgery
  • The diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of tree disease
  • The controlling of pests.

Arborists are highly specialized in tree care needs. At Tree Care by Robert Miller, we have two ISA certified arborists on staff, Jovan Miller-Zeller and Jeffery Trent. Our arborists are experts in tree care and maintenance, and we bring our passion and commitment to our customers.

Jovan Zeller, Certified Arborist

An ISA certified arborist has not only studied tree care but also passed a comprehensive exam. To receive a certification from ISA, individuals must pass a comprehensive exam, which covers:


  • Tree biology
  • Tree identification
  • Soil science
  • Water management
  • Proper nutrition and fertilization of trees
  • Tree selection
  • Installation and establishment
  • Pruning
  • Tree worker safety
  • Climbing and working in trees
  • Trees and construction
  • Urban forestry
  • Tree support and lightning protection
  • Diagnosis of plant disorders
  • Plant health care
  • Tree assessment and risk
  • Structural prunning

For the best tree care services, use a certified arborist. Guarantee the health, safety, and beauty of your trees and lawn.


Why an arborist? Talk to one of our certified arborists about your trees…

Unbelievably professional!

Edgar McCobb

Jovan Zeller


Jeff Trent


It was such a pleasure to deal with a company where the employees are dependable, honest, hard working and do such a wonderful and thorough job.

Ellie Foley

I was so impressed with the job that I will highly recommend your company to everyone I know seeking tree services.

Frank Buonemani

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