Tree Care Zephyrhills

Tree Care Zephyrhills

IMG_00541Tree Care by Robert Miller is proud to serve the Zephyrhills area for over 24 years.  Accumulating over 7,500 satisfied customers, we are proud to help service your trees and be a figure in your community.

Our work consists of stump grinding, tree maintenance, and tree removal.

We offer the best fully-featured commercial and residential tree and maintenance service.

We are the number one tree care business. Why settle for average tree care company when you can have premium service at the same price. We offer tree care to commercial or residential properties.

Stumps should be removed in because they may continue to grow, sprouting small trees that can be a menace to your property over time, requiring you to hire someone to repair damage done by roots, or remove the baby sprouts that have grown over time.

Keep in mind that the stump grinder is over 5,000 lbs and will need access to your property. Make sure you clear your yard or property to make way for the stump grinding machine. With stump grinding, there’s no stump too big to grind.

Palm trees store their nutrients inside healthy fronds, so when removing them, it is important to know exactly which fronds to remove while maintaining palm trees. Don’t let just anybody mess clean and service your palm trees, hire the best.

Dead trees and distressed dying trees need to be removed as soon as possible. They only bring pests and diseases into your property, and also pose a serious health hazard.

Dying and distressed trees and pose a threat to power cables, and people or animals. If there is a very heavy rain storm, dead limbs can fly off the tree and go through windows, or worse fall on top of a neighbor’s car. Call us today to for a quote for out dead tree removal service in Zephyrhills.

In fall, it is important to make sure your plants are pruned properly before winter. You should always make sure that your plants are healthy and ready for the cold winter season ahead.

Trees need water and nutrients in fall, more than any other season, as they prepare the harsh weather. Our professional fall tree care and maintenance programs, will make sure your trees are ready to withstand the harsh season to come.

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