Tree Care Lecanto

Tree Care Lecanto

IMG_00561We’re Tree Care by Robert Miller and we have over 24 years of thorough experience removing trees in Lecanto. We have over 7,500 satisfied customers and we are glad to offer tree removal to Lecanto and all of its surrounding cities.

Palm trees bring an additional and luxurious tropical look to your yard and home, while also giving off protection from the sun. As palm trees grow, almost all palm trees shed their fronds on their own. The kind of palm tree that sheds naturally is called a self-cleaning palm tree. Not every palm tree is a self-cleaning palm tree, and can easily build into an ugly distraction, which is why palm tree maintenance is required eventually.

Additionally, palm tree seeds can draw fruit bats as well as deal damage to pool filters. Left with little to no maintenance, fallen seeds can also begin to grow inside the garden as they fall from the tree, causing a mess. Call us today for palm tree maintenance and its surrounding cities.

Distressed wood professionals remove wood that has died, or has been rotting for a long time and is very distressed. A stump can be distressed on or fallen and inviting insects and pests to your property. Please consider accessibility of equipment when removing distressed wood.

If distressed wood is on a slope, it might not be accessible. There are many different situations that can stand between grinding distressed wood in Lecanto.

Tree pruning and trimming brings good air circulation to the tree, which protects against disease and damage. Tree care and maintenance also takes away dying limbs that can easily fall off in harsh weather and allows for greater amounts of sunlight to reach the growing parts of the tree.

While maintenance and trimming of trees can be done almost anytime, certain species should be pruned at specific times of the year.

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