WAdobeStock_66420619_WMe are Tree Care by Robert Miller. Our team has been grinding stumps in Homosassa Springs for over 26 years. With over 8000 satisfied customers, we know how to grind stumps.
Not only do we offer commercial, but also residential stump grinding services. Much of our stump grinding and tree removal in Homosassa Springs, Florida.
We must see the stump before we can give you a price to remove it. People call our office all the time and ask for a price to remove a stump. This is not possible. We need to see the size age and spices. Most of all location!!! The location of the stump in respect to the road, utilities, homes, fences plays I big part in price and difficulty level.
Why call our stump removal service?
Stump grinding and stump removal is not always thought to be as important as tree removal service. In Homosassa Springs, we have trees coming down everywhere. Yet is still see the need to remove the stumps.

  • Stumps are not attractive – Nobody likes an old stump sitting in there yard for a couple years waiting for it to rot. That can take many years.
  • Stumps are old decaying wood that attracts wood boring insects and termites. The last thing you need to do is invite termites to your property by laying out a buffet for them. Once they are done eating your stump they are on to your home next.
  • Old trees and stumps are dangerous – Most old trees could be hanging above a power line, could break and bring a live wire down with it, people should be really careful around old large trees, and report anything that looks hazardous.

Remember that we are a full service tree service and Tree Care Company in Homosassa. We will do all necessary to do the job and do it right. Obviously we need access to your premises and if you have rocks or bricks near the stump please be sure to tell us when we give you your estimate because we will have to factor the time is takes to remove of the rocks and stones before we can use the machine.
Some stumps are a lot harder to grind than others, and take longer than others. We will need to see the stump and the property before we can give you a price. You can be confident that we know all the techniques and methodologies to grind any type of stump that might be in your way.
The difficulty of grinding stumps in Homosassa Springs, depends more on location than anything. Keep in mind the machine that grinds stumps range from $40,000.00 to $80,000.00, they move slowly and must avoid rocks, bricks and concrete.
Palm tree removal service in Homosassa Springs

  • Palm trees can pose a threat and may need to be removed.
  • Older sand pine trees are more likely to be hazardous than younger smaller pines.
  • Be careful when inspecting potentially hazardous pine trees to be removed.
  • Know how many power lines are around the pine trees to be removed.
  • If a pine tree is hazardous, or looks like it may be dying call us to remove it as soon as possible. Pine trees in particular die quickly and dry out. Making climbing them impossible and dangerous. Once dry and dead they pose a great threat to you and your property!