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After you go through the trouble of having a bothersome tree removed, it’s not very wise to leave a tree stump sitting around. There are some other good reasons to remove tree stumps in your yard:

  • They are ugly – No one likes to see an ugly old stump sitting in their yard, that’s why they call Tree Care by Robert Miller stump removal service.
  • They tear up your lawn mower blades! Every husband and lawn man has a yard nemeses, stumps.
  • They pose a hazardous threat – Stumps need to be removed, or else they could become a safety hazard. How many times have you tripped over a stump in a yard? My father actually broke his foot tripping over a stump in a customer’s yard.

How to prepare for stump removal?
We will need direct access to the stump on the site to grind it. It is advised that if you have any old bricks or rocks close to the stump dig them up and move them.  Please move anything that could prevent us from getting our equipment to the site of the stump. We have 3 different stump grinding machines. A small stump cutter for smaller stumps it can get through a 3 ½ foot gate. Then we have a ride on stump machine and a large machine for bigger stumps.
Please note:

  • When a stump gets ground up it makes a mulch pile. This mulch is all wood and has no other leave debris. It is important to pile the debris up over where the stump once existed. This mulch will biodegrade into soil that the grass will grow right over. People often think we should remove the debris pile but if we do eventually you will be left with a large hole in your yard that you will trip over and the lawn mower tire will get stuck in.
  • Also stump grinding is not root removal! It is impossible to remove all of the roots with the stump machine. If you want the root ball removed with the tree that is an entirely different process and is quite costly.
  • Stump removing machines: Stump grinders or stump cutters are large bulky machines they cannot get to close to homes or concreate slabs. They have a swing arm with teeth on a circler disc which makes it impossible. These teeth will get damaged by rock, brick, concrete and metal. Basically anything other than organic material. While grinding the stump the machine can launch debris pretty far it is advised not to stand close by. Also please take precautions with nearby windows.

The age, size and location of the stump are the number one signs of the difficulty level of stump removal. Small stumps are obviously easier to remove unless they are way in a back yard up a hill and behind a fence. Always keep in mind the stump machine moves in 1 or 2 speeds, SLOW!!! Be mindful of how long it takes our machine to move from one stump to another.
Dead tree removal service

  • Trees need to be inspected on a semi-regular basis. As a home owner you should keep an eye on them all year round. Any changes take note.
  • Large trees pose more a threat than small trees. Large trees should be inspected more often and with greater scrutiny.
  • Inspect your trees with consideration of the soil and location of the tree.
  • Look at foliage and take note of spots on leaves or brown leaves that do not fall off the tree
  • Notice any fungi, mushrooms or drainage from the tree
  • Look for insect infestations. A sign would be sawdust on the ground at the base of the tree.
  • Look for dieback in the top of the tree crown.
  • Check the crotch of the tree for holes and rot. 18499 SHADY SIDE DR
  • Call an arborist that has been educated on the biology of trees.
  • If you have determined that the tree needs to be looked at by a professional please give us a call.