Tree Care Dade City

Tree Care Dade CityTree Care Dade City

In Dade City, there’s no one better than our company for removing trees. We have been in the tree removal business, for over 26 years. It’s no wonder our tree removal service carries on to over 8000 happy customers. We are proud to provide both commercial and residential tree services.

Do you have old distressed trees around your yard? You should call us today; we can remove any distressed old wood lying around, as well as maintain trees you currently have. It is important to maintain your trees. We all know distressed wood rotting in your yard is not very appealing. Having rotting wood on the ground actually makes your trees sick. The rotting wood acts like an incubator for Hydro Xian canker a fungi infection that will travel into all of your trees.

A dead tree sitting in the yard can cause much anger and frustration for the homeowner! Trees can be costly to take out, and they can be very annoying, unsightly eyesores in your yard. They regularly attract bugs and do nothing for your property value. That’s why we are here to present to you our tree removal services, in Dade City, Florida.

We also offer palm tree removal services. Palm trees are known for rat and squirrel nests as well as cockroaches. Sounds gross right. Let us deal with those critters so you don’t have too.

Do you have so many palm trees, that it’s hard to keep track of them all? That’s why we are here for all your palm tree removal service needs. Palm trees are a handsome addition to any property; although beautiful and a unique, they can come with problems as well.

As palm trees age, they begin to drop their outer layers. The old layers falling off tree can be pulled off by a gust of wind. The shredded limbs are heavy and very long, making them hard to remove, and also dangerous.

Tree care is very important, because the human reaction to trees goes beyond enjoying their shade. Trees help us feel relaxed, and it is important to take care of them.

If you regularly take care of your tree trimming and yard maintenance the less your yard will cost you.

Tree care is important, because trees can become hazardous if not cared for properly. That’s why it is very important to practice proper tree care trimming techniques. If you don’t you will likely do more damage than good.

A deciduous tree sheds its leaves every winter even in Dade City. Through a process called transpiration water vapor is expelled through the leaves as wind blows. This process helps the root system draw water up through the tree. In the winter it is better for the tree to shed the leaves so it doesn’t lose too much water via transpiration.

Call us today for any fallen trees or stumps that need to be removed!