Tree Services

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming Trimming trees is a job for a professional and must be done correctly in order to preserve the health and integrity of the tree. A poor unprofessional job can lead to disease and poor tree health. Believe it or not biology has a lot to do with how and where you trim a tree branch. As an ISA Certified Arborist I have been taught how a tree heals from its wounds and what that requires. How much of a tree you can trim at a time before you inhibit it from being able to make enough food to properly sustain itself. I see “flush Cuts” all over our service area this is very bad for the tree and will cause illness. It is a lack of knowledge by the tree trimmer that directly effects the health of your tree.

Tree Removal & Stump Grinding

Tree removal and stump grinding are one of our specialties. We will remove any tree of any size and grind the stump too. We clean up our entire mess leaving the home owner with nothing left to do! You will notice our workers wear PPE at all times. This is evidence you have hired a professional. PPE= Personal Protective Equipment. Our tree care family consists of long time employees who know what they are doing. You will find here at Tree Care by Robert Miller our employees stay with us. Most of our employees have worked for us 10 + years that shows that we not only treat our employees well but they are really good at their job.

Dangerous Tree Removal

Large tree removal should be done with care to attention and detail. A full plan and work out of how to
dismantle the tree and in what sequence is done prior to any address of the tree itself. This is done to ensure
no damage to property or persons. Once the tree has been downed, the removal of all debris is handled to full satisfaction.

Hazardous Tree Inspection

Trees can become hazardous without you knowing because it may or may not be obvious to the eye. Each different type of tree has an average life span which can be lengthened or shortened dependant upon climate, health and tree maintenance. If you have a question about the health of your tree, do not hesitate to call us for an inspection of the tree in question. We will be able to determine the condition of your tree.

Bush Hogging

Tree Care by Robert Miller will clear a field using our bush hog services. Take down that unsightly over growth with these quick, efficient and economical services.

Land Clearing

We can clear your land of any organic matter. Fallen trees, stumps, unwanted brush, etc.!

Commercial Services

We provide a full range of commercial services throughout Hernando, Pasco and Citrus Counties. We are pleased to continue our commercial services to the business communities within the three county area.

Hurricane Clean-up

Hurricanes create devastation when ever they hit. Fast, effective action is needed to quickly re-establish order. Fallen trees need to be handled to open roads, clear away safety hazards and protect homes. We stand ready for any hurricane disaster relief in the form of tree removal and disposal.

Organic Mulch

Tree Care by Robert Miller provides the highest quality of mulch in the area. Our mulch is 100% natural with no chemical treatments. We produce our own mulch from our own recycling process which is all done in house on our 10.5 acre facility. Contact us today!

Organic Topsoil

Tree Care by Robert Miller provides the highest quality top soil in the area. Our top soil is 100% natural with no chemical treatments. We produce our own top soil from our own recycling process which is all done in house on our 10.5 acre facility. Contact us today!



BUNDLE = 5 pcs $4.50

1/8 cord = $30.00

1/4 cord= $50.00

1/2 Cord = $90.00

full cord $160.00

face cord $60.00

*Delivery based on distance, we do not stack wood when we deliver.*

Raising Skirts

Usually done to “weeping trees” pruning the tips of the lower branches to keep sight lines clear. Also a method used to remove live palm fronds from palm trees.

Structural Pruning

This is usually only done to young developing trees it is used to reduce the risk of structural faults which may lead to major limb shed later in the trees life, helping the tree to have a direction to grow in rather than having crossing or rubbing branches. In older mature trees it is only done to balance the crown of the tree after the loss of a large stem or stems during incremental weather or high winds.

Bush & Shrub Trimming, Shaping & Removing

Shaping your bushes or shrubs is important so that they do not grow out of control and cause issues with, Power lines or clog your gutters. Removal of these nuisance bushes or shrubs is sometimes necessary.

Deadwood & de-mossing

Removing the dead branches from your trees is very important. It can lead to branches falling on your room or infringing on power lines. Moss on your tree branches can block the sun from the tree branches the sun helps the trees to thrive and grow.

Palm Tree Trimming & Removal

Sometimes a Palm tree gets too big or causes a potential danger of falling on your house during a big storm or hurricane. Therefor it needs to be removed to ensure the structural integrity of your home and the safety of your family. Trimming a palm tree consists of removing dead palm fronds or fronds that are growing out of control.

Mulching & Weeding

Mulching can have many benefits to your garden. Such as preventing soil erosion, prevents weed growth & holds moisture causing you not to have to water so often. Weeding can be very overwhelming especially in the Florida summer months where it seems like everything grows overnight.

Yard Clean-up

If you do not have time to maintain your yard it will quickly get out of control. Getting caught up may seem impossible we can help. Call us and we will get your yard back to a manageable state.