Here are some other tree facts:

Properties that have trees are less likely to sustain damage in a hurricane.  This is because the trees act like a barrier from flying debris created by the storm.  The trees will take the brunt of the storm leaving your home safer. Trees act like air filters.  They clean the air of odors and pollutants, and filter particulate like smoke and dust out of the air. Trees help you conserve energy.  They provide shade and act as wind screens, so you need less energy to both heat and cool your home, which saves you money. Trees help you save water.  Their shade allows for less water to evaporate from your lawn in the summer, which mean you need to water the lawn less often. Trees are beautiful.  They create pleasant scenery, and will vastly improve the look of your property – especially if they’re blocking a less than scenic view! Trees increase property value.  Because of all of these benefits, trees make a property more desirable – but only if these trees are well-cared for. Which is why it’s so important to hire a Tree Care professional to look after your trees.

How long before I will need to have my trees trimmed again?

This is tricky. Usually when we do a thorough job of tree cutting service you will not need to trim that tree again for 3, 5, or maybe 7 years depending on rain and other elements that we cannot control. Tree pruning in Spring Hill typically last 3 to 5 years.

What are the benefits of hiring Tree Care by Robert Miller?

Well-Cared for trees provide many benefits: When you hire Tree Care by Robert Miller over another local company you can be sure the job is done right the first time.  You will have a staff of highly qualified men at your home.  Our climbers have over 70 years of experience in the trees perfecting their skill and trade.  They are well known for an excellent clean up leaving the property better than when they arrived.

What is the best Tree Care Company in Spring Hill?

Tree Care by Robert Miller!

Why do your services cost more than some of the other “tree guys” in the area?

Well, if you are comparing us to a couple of guys with a truck and chain saw, of course we will cost more.  When we pull up to your property we come with half a million dollars worth of equipment and the most qualified men in central Florida. Tree Care by Robert Miller is FULLY LICENSED AND INSURED INCLUDING WORKERS COMPENSATION. We pay all of our men on the books and they are all covered on any property.  Many other services can cut costs and say they have workers comp by not paying all of their men on the books.  The best way to determine this is by requesting a worker’s comp certificate that lists the covered employees, this certificate should have your (the customer) name and address on it.  You should ask each man on your property for identification to cross reference with the certificate in hand.  This is the only way to be sure they are covered while on your property. All of the other legit companies are priced about the same and we will match their written estimate.