Brooksville Tree Trimming

Brooksville Tree Trimming

November 2014 070Brooksville Tree Trimming:

Brooksville is a historic community dating back to 1856. We currently have  2300 customers that are in Brooksville. Brooksville has many majestic Oak trees which require skilled Arborists to prune and manage properly.   Brooksville has majestic oaks and historical districts.  Due to the age of theses trees it is often recommended to structurally prune these trees. Reducing the over all size while not compromising the ability to make and store its only energy source. When you trim too many leaves from trees you can force the tree to use up its stored energy which can leave it weak and vulnerable.  Tree Care by Robert Miller services Brooksville’s tree service needs.

We are the only Brooksville tree service that recycles all debris from job sites.  We have a 10 acre property where we compost all of the mulch into topsoil. split all of the seasoned oak into the firewood, mill the pine and the rest gets ground up for bio-fuel.

Brooksville hosts the annual blueberry festival. That brings many visitors to the historic homes along cobblestone streets.  The picturesque community is built around the trees. Brooksville’s tree service Tree Care by Robert Miller is skilled and educated to properly trim Brooksville’s trees.  Our office is located at 9281 Cobb Rd Brooksville FL 34601.

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