Inverness Tree Service

Inverness Tree Service


Inverness tree service and tree trimming is taken very seriously by the county seat!  Inverness has protected trees along the roadways similar to  Floral City.  County officials require a permit just to trim these majestic trees. Tree Care by Robert Miller has Arborist credentials that gives the city of Inverness trust in our work.

Did you know in urban forestry they put actual dollar amounts on the value of trees? You would be surprised to know how much trees are worth. The value is based on many factors. For instance shade. Having a tree located on west side of a structure can drastically reduce heating and cooling bills. It has been studied and determined that properties with trees are worth more money! People are happier with trees present, as a matter of fact it has been proven that shopping centers have higher sales when trees are a part of the landscape. Call our Inverness tree service to help ensure that your trees are healthy and well taken care of.

The most important decision to be made when deciding what to do with a existing tree or planting a new one is “Right tree right place”. It is crucial to pick a tree that matches the environment. If a tree already exists part of the evaluation should consider the trees stress factors due to its location. For example some trees require different ph. levels in the soil. How much oxygen exists in the soil may affect the ph and how much oxygen may depend on weather the root system grows below a road or a side walk with compacted soil. Some trees can not handle having the roots submerged in water for vary long so those species you would not want near a retention pond or where water may sit during heavy rain fall.

The Inverness tree service to call is Tree Care by Robert Miller.

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