Homosassa Tree Service

Homosassa Tree Service

Homosassa Tree ServiceHomosassa made its way on the map through pre civil war farming. Sugar cane, citrus and cotton to be precise. As with many of these southern planation towns Homosassa has majestic Grandfather Oaks that need a trained eye to prune and protect. The trees in Homosassa need to be preserved for people to see for years to come.  Tree Care by Robert Miller has been Homosassa’s tree service since 1990.  We have over 610 satisfied customers in the area.  We are the only Homosassa tree service that is eco-friendly and recycles everything off all job sites.  With a 10 acre property, where we compost all of the mulch into topsoil, split all of the seasoned oak into firewood, mill the pine and the rest is ground up for bio-fuel.

Homosassa, a beautiful area in Citrus County nestled in heavy forest between US HWY 19 and the Gulf Of Mexico.  Homosassa residents enjoy the area’s great natural beauty, spring-fed rivers, pristine waterways, abundant wildlife, marine life and small town charm.  It is important these trees are properly trimmed, because tree trimming can actually damage a tree if the cus are not made in the proper place.   Certified Arborists in Homosassa can make sure these beautiful trees are properly taken care of and prolong their life while being sure people and structures are safe.

A frequently asked question is: It the moss hurt my trees?

There are many things that effect a trees likeliness to fail. Moss itself does not hurt the tree. However moss is attracted to stressed trees  and the weight of the moss especially after rain can cause weak areas in the tree to fail. The moss is attracted to the tree via a chemical response similar to pheromones. Over the years I have heard many different myths that answer this question. So here it is the truth!  In Homosassa tree trimming, tree removal and tree care should be done by the experts here at Tree Care by Robert Miller.

Jovan Miller-Zeller is the president and owner of Tree Care by Robert Miller and is a Homosassa certified Arborist.  The only woman arborists in the county!  She is not the only Arborist with the company, her husband – the crew foreman is also ISA Certified Arborist! Call your Homosassa tree service now!

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