Hernando Tree Service

Hernando Tree Service

November 2014 085Hernando is located in the north eastern tip of Citrus county. Hernando used to be its own city but they unincorporated it in the 1970’S. Hernando is a nice family community with lots of retirees and even more Pine and Oak trees.

Pine trees in particular need oxygen in the soil.  This is why they grow well in sand.  If a Pine tree is growing where water has been accumulating and sitting for periods of time it is likely going to experience root rot.  When root rot is present you will notice a foul smell when you approach the tree.  Tree roots have to have an exchange of gasses to survive.  They exchange carbon dioxide and oxygen.  Some Genus and species are more tolerant than others of different oxygen conditions.

Certain species of oaks are much more tolerant.  However accurately identifying the tree is crucial!

Please give us a call we will be happy to share our experience and knowledge.  Hernando tree trimming is Tree Care by Robert Millers pleasure. The ISA certified Arborists here are ready and willing to serve! We currently have 179 customers in Hernando and even more in Pine Ridge and Beverly Hills. Hernando tree service is here for you.

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