Floral City Tree Service

Floral City Tree Service


It is said that Floral City is a piece of old Florida that remains intact.

Tree trimming and removal in Floral City is common for us and our 49 customers in Floral City.  Please give us a call before you contract with another “Tree Guy”.  You will be amazed by our wealth of knowledge here at Tree Care by Robert Miller that can only benefit you the customer.

Floral city has many “Water Oaks” the scientific name is  Quercus nigra.

Quercus  is for the genus Oak and Nigra is the species. Theses deciduous trees are very weak compartmentalizers. Meaning they have a lot of trouble healing from wounds. If they are not properly trimmed they will rot from the wound inward and eventually fail. After a stress such as a bad cut on water oak it does not take long for other stresses to effect the tree. Such as insect and fungi infestation. Most people don’t even know that the service they hired is hurting the trees and costing them more money in the long run. For instance if you hire a “economy tree guy” and he makes the tree look pretty with flush cuts. You the customer thinks he did a great job the tree looks pretty, you pay him he leaves. A year later you notice your tree is leaking near the crotches and limbs are falling out of the tree. You call the same “economy tree guy” to come take a look at it. He will say “jeez this tree is rotting your going to have to remove it!” All the while if he had not wounded the tree in the first place the tree would be fine. Now the unsuspecting customer pays the same guy to remove the tree!  Most of the time the tree services don’t even know it! Just like most professions it all revolves around education. If you are in need of a Floral City tree service then be sure to call us at Tree Care by Robert Miller and rest assured we will take great care of you and your trees.

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